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Menstrual Cup - Absolutely Fabulous!

by Menstrual Cup (2016-10-07)

I've been putting off the buying of a menstrual cup for about 5 years. No kidding. Can you imagine? After one cycle with the Luna menstrual cup, I feel ridiculous and absolutely fabulous all at once. I wish I had bought this menstrual cup way, way back when. It would have made so many things in my life much easier. For one, i am employed as a teacher where my bathroom breaks are rare. Buy menstrual cups so that menstruation isn't just inconvenient and unpleasant: With a menstrual cup i always feel fabulous knowing that i'm absolutely ready and in control when my period does start. 

Ladies, menstrual cups are absolutely fabulous! Period!. I will never, ever revert to using a tampon again. Ever. Period. (Lol, little menstrual cycle humor there.) I bought the clear cup, size 1 small. I am 32, and have never given birth. The cup fits well, and yes, it does take a little time to get your system down. I would say it went pretty quickly for me though, as by the second day I had zero leaks and the inserting and removing was easy. By the time I finished my cycle I was able to take it out and reinsert it about as quickly as a tampon change. Maybe even faster, since I don't have to deal with those annoying wrappers anymore.

I tried a couple of folds (google this!) and found that the "Punch fold" method works the best for me. The first day, I did notice some bladder pressure that bothered me slightly, but it kind of just disappeared and was a non-issue after that. I have had zero other issues with the luna menstrual cup.

My Verdict: The menstrual cup works fabulously well. I can't tell you how absolutely happy I was to be rid of that ridiculous tampon string, too. I really wish I could go back five years and slap myself for not buying a menstrual cup online a whole lot earlier!. 


Re: Menstrual Cup - Absolutely Fabulous!

by Lukshik Smith (2017-01-14)

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Re: Menstrual Cup - Absolutely Fabulous!

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