Announcing ITID 2.0!

ITID 2.0
We are thrilled to announce our enhanced online presence with the launch of our newly designed ITID 2.0 Web site. The new Web site brings together functionalities for browsing, searching and reading papers. It also serves as our online submission system for authors and reviewing system for our peer review team. Before this site upgrade, we had a limited submission management system for authors at the ITID Journal Web site while all published material was only available from the MIT Press Web site. Now our single site includes enhanced author and reviewer facilities as well as improved access to current and back issues for readers.  

The new consolidated site offers many new features, some of which require you to complete a free registration:
An elegant and simple design that should make finding papers and information quick and easy.
A selection of what we consider the most useful reading tools such as citation managers, interactive reader comment facilities, and tools to search for related works.
Simple browsing and advanced search capabilities for entire ITID archives.

We are delighted with the site and its new visual design, but still intend to grow its functionality while preserving its simplicity. Our partners at the Georgia Tech Library and Information Center, who direct the production and maintenance of the site, continue to look for ways to improve the online experience for all users. “The newly redesigned Web site relies on Web 2.0 technologies, open access principles, and open source software to create a synergistic reader site as well as a manuscript submission and peer-review management system. We hope the site can serve as a model of what libraries and scholars can accomplish together in the field of open access scholarly publishing,” said Julie G. Speer, Head of the Library’s Scholarly Communication and Digital Services Division at Georgia Tech.  

The Internet has fundamentally changed all aspects of scholarly communication. Top journals must continuously track (and invent) new ways to use the net that improve the publishing process and the readers’ experience in order to foster a richer intellectual exchange. We believe that ITID shot ahead of this curve when we went open access with our third volume (the first open access journal published by the MIT Press). With our new Web site, we have moved further on this journey, now offering what we think is today’s best-practice in online journal environments. We welcome your comments and suggestions at [email protected] as we continue forward.

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