Systematic Reviews (SRs)| Introduction: What Do We Know About ICT Impact and How Best Can That Knowledge Be Communicated?

Rohan Samarajiva


There is considerable interest in assessing the impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs).  This Special Section presents four Systematic Reviews (SRs) that synthesize findings from the most robust studies of impacts from different ICT interventions.  These micro-level studies provide better guidance for evidence-based policy actions than macro-level correlations.  This introduction explains what SRs are, including the measures that are taken to ensure rigor and replicability.  The challenges of taking the findings of SRs to policy are discussed.  The significance of having the searchable Web as a metaphorical shelf from which relevant SRs may be retrieved when policy windows open is highlighted.


information and communication technologies, impact, research, synthesis, Systematic Reviews

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