Systematic Reviews (SRs)| Factors Affecting the Use of ICTs in the Classroom by Teachers: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Sujata N Gamage, Tushar Tanwar


ICT for education heralded much promise for improving learning outcomes, but results have not lived up to expectations. To understand why, researchers are increasingly exploring the factors that affect teachers’ acceptance and use of ICT in the classroom. This study adopts the systematic review approach used in clinical research to systematically search, screen, assess, and synthesize the literature on ICT use in classrooms and determine effect sizes, if any, of factors affecting teachers’ acceptance and use of ICT. We find that teachers’ perceptions about the usefulness of a particular technology are twice as important as their perceptions of the technology’s ease of use. We also find that two particular facilitating conditions—the provision of one laptop per child and on-site coaches—increased the use of technology by teachers by effect sizes ranging from 0.48 to 1.31.


ICT in education, ICT in school education, teacher acceptance of ICT, ICT use in the classroom

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