Systematic Reviews (SRs) | Impact of Mobile Financial Services in Low- and Lower-Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review

Erwin Alampay, Goodiel C. Moshi


Considerable optimism exists regarding the potential of using mobile phones as a conduit for reaching the unbanked, given the ubiquity of mobile phones in developing countries and the development of mobile-phone-based ªnancial
services. As such, use of mobile ªnancial services is seen as a strategy for increasing ªnancial inclusion. This systematic review was conducted to determine the impact of mobile ªnancial services in developing countries based on the most robust quantitative studies available. In particular, this systematic review looked at the impact of mobile financial services on the volume, frequency, and diversity of sources of remittances received by mobile money users; on household savings and consumption of goods and services; and on livelihoods and income.


mobile money, mobile ªnancial services, systematic review

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