Overcoming Citizen Mistrust and Enhancing Democratic Practices: Results from the E-participation Platform México Participa

Maria Elena Meneses, Brandie Nonnecke, Alejandro Martin del Campo, Sanjai Krishnan, Jay Patel, Moonhyok Kim, Camille Crittenden, Ken Goldberg


This article reviews the experiences, obstacles, and lessons learned from development and deployment of the México Participa e-participation platform as a case study for future platforms, both in Mexico and in transitional democracies with similar sociopolitical characteristics such as pervasive distrust of public institutions and limited civic participation. México Participa was released three months before the June 2015 midterm Mexican presidential election. Although the platform continues to operate, this article focuses on the period leading up to the election. 3,054 participants offered 336 suggestions and provided 14,033 peer-to-peer assessments. A postelection survey highlighted the need for a platform such as México Participa to be continually available to sustain citizen evaluation of government performance and to promote transparency and accountability.

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