The Impacts of the Use of Mobile Telephone Technology on the Productivity of Micro- and Small Enterprises: An Exploratory Study into the Carpentry and Cabinet-Making Sector in Villa El Salvador (English)

Roxana Barrantes Cáceres, Aileen Agüero, Martín Cavero, César Huaroto


As the mobile telephone becomes universally available in developing countries, the impacts of this technology have been documented in various publications. However, a review conducted by Donner and Escobari (2010) shows that there has been a lack of research into micro- and small enterprises (MSEs). This exploratory research aims to contribute to filling this gap by presenting a qualitative case study of the impacts of mobile telephone use on microenterprises in the carpentry and cabinet-making sector in a poor neighborhood of Lima. Inspired by the Cluster Theory, the study demonstrates that: 1) the carpentry and cabinet-making sector in Villa El Salvador (VES) is mainly made up of a concentration of microenterprises and not an agglomeration; 2) the benefits of mobile telephone use are most evident in marketing and client relations, not in production; and 3) mobile telephone use is integrated into a social reality and the benefits are perceived in relation to existing socioeconomic relationships, rather than via a transformational effect.

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