Vol 4, Issue 1 | Fall 2007

Table of Contents

An Introduction to the Best ICTD 2006 Conference Papers PDF
Kentaro Toyama, Raj Reddy, Anna Saxenian pp. 1-3 pgs.

From the Editors

Real Synthetic Scholarship PDF
Michael L. Best, Ernest J. Wilson III pp. iii-iv pgs.

Research Articles

Mobile Phones and Economic Development: Evidence From the Fishing Industry in India ABSTRACT PDF
Reuben Abraham pp. 5-17 pgs.
E-Governance Services Through Telecenters: The Role of Human Intermediary and Issues of Trust ABSTRACT PDF
Kiran Gopakumar Rajalekshmi pp. 19-35 pgs.
Text-Free User Interfaces for Illiterate and Semiliterate Users ABSTRACT PDF
Indrani Medhi, Aman Sagar, Kentaro Toyama pp. 37-50 pgs.
COMMONSense Net: A Wireless Sensor Network for Resource-Poor Agriculture in the Semiarid Areas of Developing Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Jacques Panchard, Prabhakar T. V., Jean-Pierre Hubaux, H. S. Jamadagni pp. 51-67 pgs.
Speech Interfaces for Equitable Access to Information Technology ABSTRACT PDF
Madeline Plauché, Udhyakumar Nallasamy pp. 69-86 pgs.
ICT Usage and Its Impact on Profitability of SMEs in 13 African Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Steve Esselaar, Christoph Stork, Ali Ndiwalana, Mariama Deen-Swarray pp. 87-100 pgs.
Changed Governance or Computerized Governance? Computerized Property Transfer Processes in Tamil Nadu, India ABSTRACT PDF
Radha Vasudevan pp. 101-112 pgs.

Research Reports

The Livestock Guru: The Design and Testing of a Tool for Knowledge Transfer among the Poor ABSTRACT PDF
Claire Heffernan, Louise Nielsen pp. 113-121 pgs.