Vol 4, Issue 3 | Spring 2008

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Assessing the Impact of Public Access to ICTs PDF
François Bar, Michael L. Best pp. iii-iv pgs.


The Next Decade of ICT Development: Access, Applications, and the Forces of Convergence PDF
Mohsen Khalil, Charles Kenny pp. 1-6 pgs.
User-Centered Design Considered Harmful (with apologies to Edsger Dijkstra, Niklaus Wirth, and Don Norman) PDF
Andy Dearden pp. 7-12 pgs.
Female Empowerment and Development in Latin America: Use Versus Production of Information and Communications Technology PDF
Mary Jane C. Parmentier, Sophia Huyer pp. 13-20 pgs.

Research Articles

The Impact of the Internet on Local Social Equity: A Study of a Telecenter in Aguablanca, Colombia ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Parkinson, Allan C. Lauzon pp. 21-38 pgs.
The Institutional Framework of the United Nations Development Programme–Ministry of Science and Technology (UNDP–MoST) Telecenter Project in Rural China ABSTRACT PDF
Chunbo Zhang pp. 39-55 pgs.
Using Diffusion of Innovations Framework to Explain Communal Computing Facilities Adoption Among the Urban Poor ABSTRACT PDF
Wallace Chigona, Paul Licker pp. 57-73 pgs.
Teaching Globalization, Globally: A 7-Year Case Study of South Africa–U.S. Virtual Teams ABSTRACT PDF
Derrick L. Cogburn, Nanette S. Levinson pp. 75-88 pgs.

Research Reports

Internet Presence as Knowledge Capacity: The Case of Research in Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Reform ABSTRACT PDF
Sujata Gamage, Rohan Samarajiva pp. 89-96 pgs.