Vol 5, Issue 2 | Summer 2009 (Special Issue: ICT Skills & Employability)

Table of Contents

From the Guest Editors

Deconstructing ICT Skills and Employability PDF
Maria Garrido, Akhtar Badshah, Chris Coward pp. iii-vii pgs.

Research Articles

Skills Are Not Binary: Nuances in the Relationship Between ICT Skills and Employability ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca Walton, Cynthia Putnam, Erica Johnson, Beth Kolko pp. 1-18 pgs.
Training on Communication and Information Technologies, Employment and Youth: The Case of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico ABSTRACT PDF
Judith Mariscal, Antonio Jose Junqueira Botelho, Luis Gutierrez pp. 19-30 pgs.
An ICT Skills Cascade: Government-Mandated Open Source Policy as a Potential Driver for ICT Skills Transfer ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Tapia, Edgar Maldonado pp. 31-51 pgs.
Teleworking the Mobile Caribbean: Emerging Patterns of Broadband-Assisted Remote Work Among the Marginalized in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago ABSTRACT PDF
Hopeton Dunn pp. 52-66 pgs.


E-Inclusion Policies and Initiatives in Support of Employability of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe PDF
Stefano Kluzer, Gabriel Rissola pp. 67-76 pgs.
Give For-Profit Rural Business Centers a Chance to Diversify Into Service-Led Employment and Village BPOs PDF
Robert Schware pp. 77-80 pgs.
E-Skills: Who Made That Big Dent in My Flat World? PDF
Bruno Lanvin, Martin Kralik pp. 81-84 pgs.


Contributors PDF
pp. 97-98 pgs.