Vol 5, Issue 3 | Fall 2009

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Crossing the Disciplines PDF
Michael L. Best, François Bar pp. iii-v pgs.

Research Articles

Using Actor-Network Theory to Trace an ICT (Telecenter) Implementation Trajectory in an African Women's Micro-Enterprise Development Organization ABSTRACT PDF
Jo Rhodes pp. 1-20 pgs.
Effects of Education and ICT Use on Gender Relations in Bhutan ABSTRACT PDF
Chaitali Sinha pp. 21-34 pgs.
Strategic Use of Mobile Telephony at the Bottom of the Pyramid: The Case of Mexico ABSTRACT PDF
Regina de Angoitia, Fernando Ramirez pp. 35-53 pgs.
Tracking the Introduction of the Village Phone Product in Rwanda ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Douglas Futch, Craig Thomas McIntosh pp. 54-81 pgs.


What Constitutes Good ICTD Research? PDF
Jenna Burrell, Kentaro Toyama pp. 82-94 pgs.
Understanding “Gold Farming”: Developing Country Production for Virtual Gameworlds PDF
Richard Heeks pp. 95-97 pgs.


Contributors PDF
pp. 98 pgs.