Vol 1, Issues 3-4 | Spring/Summer 2004

Table of Contents

The World Summit in Reflection: A Deliberative Dialogue on the WSIS PDF
Michael L. Best, Ernest J. Wilson III, Colin M. Maclay pp. 1-2 pgs.
The Origins of Civil Society Involvement in the WSIS PDF
Marc Raboy pp. 95-96 pgs.
The WSIS Index PDF
Colin M. Maclay, Mary Bridges pp. 139-144 pgs.
Information Society Paradox: Reflections and Actions PDF
Dr. Neville S. Arachchige Don pp. 115-116 pgs.
Gender Issues at the World Summit on the information Society, Geneva PDF
Nancy J. Hafkin pp. 55-59 pgs.
Three Questions About WSIS: A Civil Society Perspective from Within PDF
Claudia Padovani pp. 123-125 pgs.
Recognizing Cultural Diversity as a Dynamic Force in Cyberspace PDF
James Achibald pp. 83-84 pgs.
Crossing the Digital Divide: What's Next? PDF
Melody Mohebi, Alereza Masrour pp. 117-118 pgs.
What Does the “Information Society” Mean for Social Justice and Civil Society? PDF
Anriette Esterhuysen pp. 126-129 pgs.
ICTs and World of Work: Weaving a Bright New Fabric or a Tangled Web? PDF
Roberto Zachmann pp. 84-86 pgs.
Between Words and Actions: Civil Society and Education at WSIS PDF
Diego Levis, Beatriz Busaniche pp. 97-99 pgs.
Interrogations on a Passion-Filled Debate on Open-Source Software and the Digital Divide PDF
Shruti Ahuja-Cogny pp. 60-62 pgs.
Globalization and Local Identity as Demonstrated at the ICT4D Platform PDF
Yukie Hori pp. 118-119 pgs.
Bring WSIS Back to Earth PDF
Saray Tierney pp. 129-130 pgs.
Why Intellectual Property Rights Matter to less-Developed Countries PDF
Derek E. Bambauer pp. 63-71 pgs.
New Model, Old Barriers: Remaining Challenges to African Civil Society Participation PDF
Philipp Schmidt pp. 100-103 pgs.
A Human Rights Assessment of the World Summit on the Information Society PDF
Meryam Marzouke, Rikke Frank Joergensen pp. 86-88 pgs.
On Research and the Role of NGOs, in the WSIS Process PDF
Divina Frau-Meigs pp. 103-107 pgs.
Time To Discuss Core Values of the Information Society? PDF
Stephen Hicks pp. 88-89 pgs.
Promotion of Real Understanding About the Internet Is not a Minor Achievement PDF
Tim Fewkes pp. 130-131 pgs.
Internet Governance: A Bits and Atom energy PDF
Nicholas Negroponte pp. 71-72 pgs.
Toward Tunis: Suggested Next Steps PDF
Sarah McCue pp. 132-132 pgs.
A Central Role for Universities in the Information Society PDF
V.K. Samaranayake pp. 108-108 pgs.
Trusting the Net in Developing Countries: Pear Production of Governance PDF
David Johnson, Susan Crawford, John G. Palfrey pp. 73-76 pgs.
The Millions Without a Voice in the Worldwide Information Society PDF
Alain Kiyindou pp. 90-91 pgs.
Improving WSIS Successfulness by Increasing Business Participation PDF
William P. Benac Jr. pp. 109-110 pgs.
The World vs. the Web: The UN's Politicization of the Information Soceity Report on the World Summit on the Information Society; Geneva, December 2003 PDF
Audrey N. Selian, Kenneth Neil Cukier pp. 133-138 pgs.
The WSIS in Geneva on Pluralism, Media Quality, and Work in the Information Society: The Journalists' Perspective PDF
Aidan White pp. 91-92 pgs.
Universal Access and the Rural Challanges PDF
Pierre Guislain pp. 76-77 pgs.
Thoughts After Geneva: Universal Design and Communication Rights PDF
Sylvia Caras pp. 78-79 pgs.
US-Based Latino Youth: The Engine of Empowerment and Development for Latin American Youth? PDF
Federico Carlos Baradello pp. 110-112 pgs.
Comment on the Financing Aspect of the Information Soceity for Developing Countries PDF
Martin Hilbert pp. 79-80 pgs.

From the Editors

Looking Back, Moving Forward PDF
ITID Editors pp. v-vii pgs.

Research Articles

Understanding WSIS: An Institutional Analysis of the UN World Summit on the Information Society ABSTRACT PDF
Hans Klein pp. 3-13 pgs.
Diversity Matters, Even at a Distance: Evaluating the Impact of Computer-Mediated Communication on Civil Society Participation in the World Summit on the Information Society ABSTRACT PDF
Derrick L. Cogburn pp. 15-40 pgs.


WSIS: Reflections from the Inside ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Browne pp. 43-44 pgs.
WSIS—A Global Development Challenge ABSTRACT PDF
Hamadoun I. Touré pp. 44-45 pgs.
Welcome to the Aircraft Hangar of Babel ABSTRACT PDF
Jamie Cowling pp. 45-47 pgs.
Signal to Noise ABSTRACT PDF
Rik Panganiban pp. 48-49 pgs.
A Tale of Paragraph 4: Stating the Obvious at the WSIS ABSTRACT PDF
Seán Ó Siochrú pp. 49-50 pgs.
Moving Forward, Looking Back:The MacBride Report Revisited ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Calabrese pp. 51-52 pgs.