Vol 2, Issue 2 | Winter 2004

Table of Contents

Electronic Government and the Rural Poor: The Case of Gyandoot ABSTRACT PDF
Simone Cecchini, Monica Raina pp. 65-75 pgs.


Creating Necessary Knowledge PDF
Ernest J. Wilson III, Michael L. Best pp. iii-v pgs.

Research Articles

Measuring the Contribution of Infoplazas to Internet Penetration and Use in Panama ABSTRACT PDF
Norma L. Miller pp. 1-23 pgs.
Empowerment and Participatory Geographic Information and Multimedia Systems: Observations from Two Communities in Indonesia ABSTRACT PDF
Jon M. Corbett, C. Peter Keller pp. 25-44 pgs.
Leveraging the Open Source Software Movement for Development of China's Software Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Mingzhi Li, Zhangxi Lin, Mu Xia pp. 45-63 pgs.


Information Needs Assessment Model for Identifying Information Needs of Rural Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Anjali Dhingra, D. C. Misra pp. 77-78 pgs.