Vol 2, Issue 3 | Spring 2005

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Moving Beyond “The Real Digital Divide” PDF
Ernest J. Wilson III, Michael L. Best, Dorothea Kleine pp. iii-v pgs.

Research Articles

Negotiating the Net: The Internet in South Africa (1990–2003) ABSTRACT PDF
Charley Lewis pp. 1-28 pgs.
The Persistence of Traditional Gender Roles in the Information Technology Sector: A Study of Female Engineers in India ABSTRACT PDF
Reena Patel, Mary Jane C. Parmentier pp. 29-46 pgs.

Research Reports

Wireless Networks and Rural Development: Opportunities for Latin America ABSTRACT PDF
Hernan Galperin pp. 47-56 pgs.
Telecommunications, Public Health, and Demand for Health-Related Information and Infrastructure ABSTRACT PDF
Maja Micevska pp. 57-72 pgs.
License-Exempt Wireless Policy: Results of an African Survey ABSTRACT PDF
Isabel Neto, Michael L. Best, Sharon E. Gillett pp. 73-90 pgs.