Vol 14 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Aspirations and Contestations: ICT Training and Subjectivities Among Marginalized Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Sreela Sarkar 13 pgs.
An Analysis of Community Mobilization Strategies of a Voice-based Community Media Platform in Rural India ABSTRACT PDF
Aparna Moitra, Archna Kumar, Aaditeshwar Seth 18 pgs.
The Making of Survival. Technology, Literacy, and Learning in Two Microenterprises in Mexico City ABSTRACT PDF
Judy Kalman, Oscar Hernández 15 pgs.
End-User Engagement in the Design of Communications Services: Lessons from the Rural Congo ABSTRACT PDF
Donna Champion, Sylvain Cibangu 15 pgs.

Special Sections

Systematic Reviews (SRs)| Introduction: What Do We Know About ICT Impact and How Best Can That Knowledge Be Communicated? ABSTRACT PDF
Rohan Samarajiva 9 pgs.
Systematic Reviews (SRS)| Economic Impacts of Mobile Telecom in Rural Areas in Low- and Lower-middle-income Countries: Findings of a Systematic Review ABSTRACT PDF
Christoph Stork, Nilusha Kapugama, Rohan Samarajiva 18 pgs.
Systematic Reviews (SRs) | Impact of Mobile Financial Services in Low- and Lower-Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review ABSTRACT PDF
Erwin Alampay, Goodiel C. Moshi 18 pgs.
Systematic Reviews (SRs) | Tiny Impact of ICTs and Paucity of Rigorous Causal Studies: A Systematic Review of Urban MSMEs in the Developing World ABSTRACT PDF
P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan, Albert Otieno Orwa 17 pgs.
Systematic Reviews (SRs)| Factors Affecting the Use of ICTs in the Classroom by Teachers: A Systematic Review of the Literature ABSTRACT PDF
Sujata N Gamage, Tushar Tanwar 11 pgs.
Gender, Mobile, and Mobile Internet| Gender, Mobile, and Development: The Theory and Practice of Empowerment — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Savita Bailur, Silvia Masiero, Jo Tacchi 9 pgs.
Gender, Mobile, and Mobile Internet| Mother, May I? Conceptualizing the Role of Personal Characteristics and the Influence of Intermediaries on Girls’ After-School Mobile Appropriation in Nairobi ABSTRACT PDF
Ronda Zelezny-Green 18 pgs.
Gender, Mobile, and Mobile Internet| Maintenance Affordances, Capabilities and Structural Inequalities: Mobile Phone Use By Low-Income Women ABSTRACT PDF
Becky Faith 15 pgs.
Gender, Mobile, and Mobile Internet| Kenyan Women’s Rural Realities, Mobile Internet Access, and “Africa Rising” ABSTRACT PDF
Susan Wyche, Jennifer Olson 15 pgs.
Gender, Mobile, and Mobile Internet| Understanding the Darker Side of ICTs: Gender, Sexual Harassment, and Mobile Devices in Pakistan ABSTRACT PDF
Bushra Hassan, Tim Unwin, Akber Gardezi 17 pgs.