Vol 2, Issue 4 | Summer 2005

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Open Access Publishing and the Creative Community PDF
Ernest J. Wilson III, Michael L. Best, Dorothea Kleine pp. iii-iv pgs.

Research Articles

A Closing Window of Opportunity: Under-Serviced Area Licensing in South Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Alison Gillwald pp. 1-19 pgs.
From Public Loudspeakers to the Internet: The Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by Small Enterprise Clusters in Vietnam ABSTRACT PDF
Dimitrios Konstadakopulos pp. 21-39 pgs.

Research Reports

A Model of How Children Acquire Computing Skills from Hole-in-the-Wall Computers in Public Places ABSTRACT PDF
Ritu Dangwal, Swati Jha, Shiffon Chatterjee, Sugata Mitra pp. 41-60 pgs.
A Framework for Developing Regional E-Government Capacity Building Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Luiz Antonio Joia pp. 61-73 pgs.
FDI Variations in Emerging Markets: The Role of Credible Commitments—With Special Reference to Asia ABSTRACT PDF
J. P. Singh pp. 75-87 pgs.


Engaged Scholars and Thoughtful Practitioners: Enhancing Their Dialogue in the Knowledge Society ABSTRACT PDF
Ernest J. Wilson III pp. 89-92 pgs.