Vol 4, Issue 2 | Winter 2007 (Special Issue: Women's Empowerment and the Information Society)

Table of Contents

Women's Empowerment and the Information Society PDF
Sylvia Maier pp. 1–2 pgs.

From the Editors

Editorial PDF
Ernest J. Wilson III, Michael L. Best, François Bar pp. iii–iv pgs.


Transforming Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs PDF
Janice Brodman, Julia Berazneva pp. 3–10 pgs.
Putting ICTs In the Hands of the Women of Kanpur and the Chikan Embroidery Workers of Lucknow PDF
Chetan Sharma, Sarita Sharma, Ujjwala Subhedar pp. 11–16 pgs.
Empowering Women Weavers? The Internet in Rural Morocco PDF
Susan Schaefer Davis pp. 17–23 pgs.

Research Articles

Women and Gender in ICT Statistics and Indicators for Development ABSTRACT PDF
Nancy J. Hafkin, Sophia Huyer pp. 25–41 pgs.
Empowering Women Through ICT-Based Business Initiatives: An Overview of Best Practices in E-Commerce/E-Retailing Projects ABSTRACT PDF
Sylvia Maier, Usha Nair-Reichert pp. 43–60 pgs.
Are All American Women Making Progress Online? African–Americans and Latinas ABSTRACT PDF
Caroline Tolbert, Karen Mossberger, Bridgett King, Gena L. Miller pp. 61–88 pgs.
Empowerment Zones? Women, Internet Cafés, and Life Transformations in Egypt ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah L. Wheeler pp. 89–104 pgs.