Vol 6, Special Edition 2010 (Harvard Forum II Essays)

Table of Contents

From the Editors-in-Chief

Foreword PDF
Michael L. Best, François Bar p. v pgs.

From the Guest Editors

Introducing the Essays from the Harvard Forum II PDF
Christopher T. Coward, Matthew L. Smith, Randy Spence pp. vii-viii pgs.

Reflections From and On The Harvard Forum

The Mobile and the World PDF
Amartya Sen pp. 1-3 pgs.
Some Thoughts on ICT and Growth PDF
Michael Spence pp. 5-9 pgs.
ICT, Development, and Poverty Reduction: Five Emerging Stories PDF
Randy Spence, Matthew L. Smith pp. 11-17 pgs.

Notes from the Field

Agency and Reflexivity in ICT4D Research: Questioning Women’s Options, Poverty, and Human Development PDF
Ineke Buskens pp. 19-24 pgs.
The Digital Divide and the Cognitive Divide: Reflections on the Challenge of Human Development in the Digital Age PDF
Clotilde Fonseca pp. 25-30 pgs.
LAN Houses: A New Wave of Digital Inclusion in Brazil PDF
Ronaldo Lemos, Paula Martini pp. 31-35 pgs.
Broadening the Agenda for ICTs for Poverty Reduction: PICTURE-Africa PDF
Ophelia Mascarenhas pp. 37-44 pgs.
The Foundation of Cultural Change in Indonesia PDF
Onno Purbo, Matthew Walton pp. 45-48 pgs.


Understanding Our Knowledge Gaps: Or, Do We Have an ICT4D Field? And Do We Want One? PDF
Michael L. Best pp. 49-52 pgs.
Goodbye Digital Divide, Hello Digital Confusion? A Critical Embrace of the Emerging ICT4D Consensus PDF
Hernan Galperin pp. 53-55 pgs.
From Social Enterprises to Mobiles-Seeking a Peg to Hang a Premeditated ICTD Theory PDF
Anita Gurumurthy pp. 57-63 pgs.
Access Beyond Developmentalism: Technology and the Intellectual Life of the Poor PDF
Lawrence Liang pp. 65-67 pgs.
Gender, ICTs, Human Development, and Prosperity PDF
Nancy Spence pp. 69-73 pgs.


Capital, Power, and the Next Step in Decentralization PDF
Yochai Benkler pp. 75-77 pgs.
The Poverty of ICT Policy, Research, and Practice in Africa PDF
Alison Gillwald pp. 79-88 pgs.
Openness: The Central Issue in Telecom Policy Reform and ICT Development PDF
William Melody pp. 89-91 pgs.
Leveraging the Budget Telecom Network Business Model to Bring Broadband to the People PDF
Rohan Samarajiva pp. 93-97 pgs.
Decentralizing the Mobile Phone: A Second ICT4D Revolution? PDF
Ethan Zuckerman pp. 99-103 pgs.


Contributors PDF
pp. 105-106 pgs.