Vol 13 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Overcoming Citizen Mistrust and Enhancing Democratic Practices: Results from the E-participation Platform México Participa ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Elena Meneses, Brandie Nonnecke, Alejandro Martin del Campo, Sanjai Krishnan, Jay Patel, Moonhyok Kim, Camille Crittenden, Ken Goldberg 17 pgs.
Perceptions of Online Political Participation and Freedom of Expression: An Exploratory Study in Cambodia ABSTRACT PDF
Jayson W. Richardson, John B. Nash, Amanda King 16 pgs.
Working with the Grain: How Amenable to Digital Transformation Are the Monitoring and Repair of Rural Water Points in Tanzania? ABSTRACT PDF
Kapongola Nganyanyuka, Javier Martinez, Juma Lungo, Jeroen Verplanke, Yola Georgiadou 19 pgs.
Mobile Identity Construction by Male and Female Students in Pakistan: On, In, and Through the Phone ABSTRACT PDF
Bushra Hassan, Tim Unwin 16 pgs.
Can Digital Discussion Support Tools Provide Cost-Effective Options for Agricultural Extension Services? ABSTRACT PDF
Shahbaz Mushtaq, Kate Reardon-Smith, Neil Cliffe, Jenny Ostini, Helen Farley, Joanne Doyle, Matt Kealley 17 pgs.
Engagement in the Knowledge Economy: Regional Patterns of Content Creation with a Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Sanna Ojanperä, Mark Graham, Ralph Straumann, Stefano De Sabbata, Matthew Zook 19 pgs.
Open Development in Poor Communities: Opportunities, Tensions, and Dilemmas ABSTRACT PDF
Evangelia Berdou 15 pgs.
Inclusive Capitalism and Development: Case Studies of Telecenters Fostering Inclusion Through ICTs in Bangladesh ABSTRACT PDF
Ahmed Tareq Rashid 14 pgs.
Victim, Mother, or Untapped Resource? Discourse Analysis of the Construction of Women in ICT Policies ABSTRACT PDF
Annika Andersson, Mathias Hatakka 15 pgs.

Special Sections

ICTD 2016| From the Guest Editor —Selected Papers from ICTD2016 ABSTRACT PDF
Susan Wyche 2 pgs.
ICTD2016| Deploying ICTs for Development: An Evolutionary Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Balaji Parthasarathy, Yuko Aoyama 14 pgs.
ICTD 2016| Mobile Phones and Gender Empowerment: Enactment of Restricted Agency ABSTRACT PDF
Hoan Nguyen, Arul Chib, Ram Mahalingham 15 pgs.
ICTD 2016| Privacy in Repair: An Analysis of the Privacy Challenges Surrounding Broken Digital Artifacts in Bangladesh ABSTRACT PDF
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Shion Guha, Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat, Faysal Hossain Shezan, Nicola Dell 14 pgs.
ICTD 2016| Caring for the “Next Billion” Mobile Handsets: Proprietary Closures and the Work of Repair ABSTRACT PDF
Lara Houston, Steven J. Jackson 15 pgs.

Book Reviews

Technopolitics and ICTD in Africa PDF
Reviewed by Melissa Tully 3 pgs.
Digital Citizen Engagement: Moving Beyond Conventional Evaluation PDF
Reviewed by Shirin Madon 3 pgs.