Vol 15 (2019)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Redesigning Agricultural Hand Tools in Western Kenya: Considering Human-Centered Design in ICTD ABSTRACT PDF
Susan Wyche, Jennifer Olson, Mary Njeri Karanu 16 pgs.
Collective Behaviors in Mobile Internet Access: An Exchange-Based Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Carleen Maitland 18 pgs.
Why Some Well-Planned and Community-Based ICTD Interventions Fail ABSTRACT PDF
Suzana Brown, Alan Mickelson 13 pgs.
Participation 2.0? Crowdsourcing Participatory Development @ DFID ABSTRACT PDF
Anke Schwittay, Paul Braund 15 pgs.

Research Reports

Empowering Rural Youth for Socioeconomic Development: A Skill Development Approach in Sarawak, Malaysia ABSTRACT PDF
Wan-Tze Vong, Patrick Hang Hui Then 17 pgs.
What Are the Drivers of ICT Diffusion? Evidence from Latin American Firms ABSTRACT PDF
Matteo Grazzi, Juan Jung 15 pgs.
How Much Evidence Is There Really? Mapping the Evidence Base for ICT4D Interventions ABSTRACT PDF
Annette N. Brown, Hannah J. Skelly 18 pgs.